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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

They can’t join…if we don’t ask!!!

I just ran across the title of this piece on a prominent website promoting the fraternity of Freemasonry.

I suppose its true, men can't join the fraternity, unless we ask...

But, since when do we ask people to join?

Oh, wait, Craft Lodge Freemasonry doesn't ask, but the Shrine....

...they ask people to join.

Read this Official Message all the way to the bottom, but if you don't have the time to read all the way down, what it says is:

The growth in Europe and beyond is so very positive for the fraternity… and our new golf event is so good, not only for promoting the fraternity, but allowing a window… for the world to look in and see our hospitals. I wish I could share with you the number of people who came up to Patricia and I, and all of the shriners who were volunteering and telling all of us… “Thank You for all you do”. Then they would proceed to tell personal stories of friends or family members who we have helped.

This is what we do…this is who we are, and the world is seeing it, too.

This has been an exciting and wonderful fall for our fraternity and the hospitals. I look forward with excitement and anticipation to the future for both the fraternity and the hospitals. It is a great time to be in the shrine or to have a friend join. Our future looks bright on so many fronts. I invite you, to invite others to be a part of this adventure, we are indeed having fun with a noble purpose, so let’s be sure and spread the word.

They can’t join…if we don’t ask!!!

I guess its OK for the Imperial Potentate to have us ask... So, have you asked anyone yet because they can't be one unless you ask one, right?

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