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Thursday, February 05, 2009

What would make a perfect Masonic website?

With nearly 500 posts to this blog, its without a doubt that the question above is one that I think about often. With the dearth of social networks, personal weblogs, lodge sites, and Grand lodge sites (not to mention the body of related sites) there is a great potential to communicate the meaning of Freemasonry.

But is that the point of what a website should do?

What then should a Masonic website do? Obviously, the easy answers are that they communicate a time and place of a meeting or function both on a local level and at a state level, and that they should have a degree of education made available for those who want to seek more light on line.

This topic was something that came up recently by one of the newer posters on the blogosphere, the Palmetto Bug, who made a very good point about the separation between web interaction to personal interaction. Is there a way to overcome this wall of personal/impersonal relationships?

Should all of this be a consideration to a Masonic website, or is it still regulated to an informational hub on what goes on at a local level? Is there a happy medium?

With the above in mind I ask you, the readers of this blog, what should a Masonic site look like? If this were a perfect world and you could construct a site, what would you want to see in it?

Let me know in the comment section below. I really want to know and would appreciate your input.