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Friday, February 06, 2009

Do you hear the whispering behind your back?

There are a lot of Anti-Masonic sites out there. Some brothers have even coined the phrase Masonicphobes, but I don't think that quite encapsulates the the idea of groups openly against the fraternity and more specifically like to point it out as being heretical to their way of thinking.

Its not a new trend, given our national past with the Anti-Masonic Party, whose rhetoric was based on hysteria started at the disappearance of William Morgan. But it went beyond Morgan, and the ideas of Anti-Masonry seeped into the evangelizing tent revivals, where it still exists today.

The long and the short of it is that these "Anti-Masons" say some pretty nasty stuff, and have compared the lodge to the demon "Legion"

I'm OK with it, I've come to my own terms as a Mason to embrace other faiths and to believe more in the ecumenical spirit that Masonry teaches and be open about my ideas that faith is faith no matter how you write it up in a volume of sacred law.

God is God, and each of us have our path to HIS door.

But, for those who follow a particular faith path some have found it necessary to delineate quite vocally why the fraternity is a bad thing. And, from the few searches through Google you can easily see what I mean. But today I stumbled upon one such site that took it one step further and made a grid to do the dog and pony comparison, and from the looks of it, they went into some detail.

A Comparison Chart -- Freemasonry and Christianity

I won't go into the usual refuting rant that I often do - been there done that. But it does strike me to say that being a Freemason does necessitate a degree of openness contrary to the ideas of the proselytizing churches that abound. That's not to say that one does not hold onto their own faith as a Freemason, but that we do find value in the faith of others. Does that diminish the fraternity in the eyes of some? I can only conclude that it would, which is a shame.

Isn't that a bit like the pot calling the kettle black?