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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh lord, my God, is there no hope for a widow's son?

This story is a tragedy, and not the first and sadly not the last as the economic situation of the United States continues to disintegrate. None of us are immune to the potential loss of job, family, or hope.

This particular story stood out to me in the usual daily mix of unrelated news that at times pulls in Freemasonry. Usually the unrelated stories have to do with a traffic accident on a street with the name Masonic, or a victim who is whisked away to a hospital that bears the name Masonic, whether for its location to the said street or from a past connection to one of the fraternities contributions.

But this story showed up on a Los Angeles news radio station and apparently one of the network news programs.

In short, it is the tragedy and horror of a husband and wife, who having lost their job, decided together (so the note says) to end their lives and the lives of their 5 children.

At the bottom of the note, apparently written in hand, was the phrase above in the title "Oh lord, my God, is there no hope for a widow's son?".

Apparently, the call came to late, and none were close enough to help him.

As I said, this sort of tragedy is on the rise, here in Southern California and across the country. In the last few months there have been 5 such incidents here where one individual has taken the lives of many into his hands and ended them. It leaves me speechless for how to describe it.

Perhaps, we can take a lesson from this story, especially as it contains the plea of a fellow widow's son, to hold close the brothers we have in and out of lodge, and be there to support those in need, whether with employment challenges, in financial distress or emotional ones. The term brother is not a superficial one and there is help for the widow's son, all you need to do is reach out and ask.

His full note.